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  • Virtual GastricBand Program

  • Virtual-GastricBand History

    The Virtual-GastricBand Weight-Loss Program is unique, the Program was pioneered by UK Therapist, Sheila Granger. 

    Our Virtual-GastricBand Weight-Loss Program is a true behavioural change program; a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfullness and Executive Coaching consulting models. 

    Sheila Grangers initial Clinical Trials delivered long term weight reduction solutions for 24 our of the 25 initial Program participants, since then many 1,000's of people have found that the Virtual-GastricBand Program has helped them sustain a healthy body weight over the long term.

    The average weight loss experienced with Virtual-GastricBand Program is 1-2kg in the first week and 0.5-1kg in subsequent weeks. This is achieved without dieting and without any feelings of loss or deprivation. As a result of this success, Sheila Granger is negotiating further trials with the National Health Service in Great Britain.

    Sheila Granger has proven that she has a 95% success rate with her Virtual-GastricBand Program - it just works!

    Proven to deliver sustainable behavioural change that results in sustainable weigh-loss results. 

  • What Is Included?

    With us, you will receive the certified Sheila Granger Virtual-GastricBand Program, our Practitioner has graduated from Sheila Granger's training. We will be using all of Sheila Grangers tools and scripts.

    Our Virtual-GastricBand Program is structured using Sheila Grangers proven methodology;

    • Four individually crafted hypnosis sessions, customised to address your specific weight-gain triggers
    • Four (Short) Behavioural Change Diagnosis Sessions

    Your Program will be delivered over 4-8 weeks, guided by your feedback during our Behavioural Change Session.

    Additional support resources we will also provide you with:

    • A manual
    • A recorded short hypnosis session,  to listen to each day
    • A Membership for our Website, including members access to resources that include: Tips'n'Tricks, additional optional guided meditations, and online training courses to help you practice new skills that will support your behaviour change.
    • Your own section on our website with copies of all your remote delivered hypnosis sessions and your daily session recording.

    You will be expected to follow some simple sensible guidelines (that you are likely to already know you should be doing). 

  • What the Virtual-GastricBand Program IS

    Virtual-GastricBand is a non-surgical technique, no pain, no invasive procedures.

    The power of hypnosis is used to support you as you seek to change your non-supportive habits and behaviours.  

    Virtual-GastricBand Program is a behavioural change program - you will adopt the habits and behaviours of natrualy slim people.

    Your emotional selft, your mind and body will be satisified with less food. The amount of food that is appropriate to sustain your ideal healthy weight.

    Yuo will change your attitude towards food and regain control over cravings. Results show increased willpower and no need for you to deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. 

    You slim down naturally and consistently - without dieting.

    If you need to lose 5kg or 50kg this program is suitable for almost anyone.


    Addictions expert Professor Doug Sellman said
    "good scientific research had shown hypnosis with behavioural cognitive therapy (CBT) was more effective in helping people with obesity to lose weight than CBT alone".

  • Sheila Granger Explains What V-GB Is (First 2min)

  • What the Virtual-GastricBand Program is NOT

    NOT a diet   | NOT diet shakes   | NOT counting calories   | NOT taking diet pills  |  NOT physical or invasive surgery

    NO recovery time   | NO pain   |  NO needles   |  NO surgical risks

    NO side effects ... other than slimming down to your ideal healthy weight

  • What is a Physical Medical GastricBand Operation?

    Below is an educational video that goes through what would happen during a physical Gastric Band Surgery. [short video of procedure theory]

    Our Virtual-GastricBand surgery is NOT physical, your sub-consious mind will just "think" you have reduced the size of your stomach, your concious mind will know was a Virtual-GastricBand but our sub-concious mind cannot tell the difference.

    When you sign up for the Virtual-GastricBand Program you get access to members-only resources that includes a video of an actual physical gastric-band surgery.  It is an hour long and shows exactly what would happen while you were under anaesthetic. 



  • What Are The Benefits Of Virtual-GastricBand?

    • No obsessing about food, this is not a diet - you do not need to feel hungry
    • Feel in control of your food intake, rather than food controlling you
    • Eat consciously and listen to what your body is telling you, rather than emotional and mind eating
    • Long term behavioural change; create healthy habits so you can maintain the new slimmer you
    • No need to go to hospital, no need to take time off work or change your plans
    • No medical surgery risks


  • What are the Health Risks associated with being overweight or obese?

    Health Risks associated with being overweight or obese

    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Stroke
    • Metabolic Syndrome including heart risks
    • Cancer including colon, breast, endometrial and gallbladder cancer
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Sleep Apnea
    • Hypoventilation Syndrome
    • Reproductive Problems
    • Gallstones