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  • To live longer, is being fit more important than being slim?

    There is a something named the "obesity paradox" - some studies show over-weight people live longer than their slimmer friends, easy to see why it is a bit controversial and does not get much publicity. A new lot of research may be lifting the lid on why this can happen, it is not ...

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    Why sunshine makes you feel happy!

    Natural Health Magazine says "Sunlight, and in particular morning sunlight, is capable of ‘resetting’ our circadian clock, and making us feel pretty good at the same time." You most likely already noticed that you tend to feel happier more often on a sunny day but why does that happen?...

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    Is living alone limiting your nutrient intake?

    A recent study from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) revealed those who live alone are more likely to have a lower diversity of food and nutrients and eat fewer fruits and vegetables.  While rushing out to get married may be a radical way to improve your eating habits, the study ...

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    Learn to love yourself - yes now, exactly how you are now!

    Making a deliberate choice to practice self-nurturing every day will do more to help you on your slimming journey, acts of self-love include cutting yourself some slack ... who else do you know is perfect all the time, no one. So why should you set that standard for yourself. Harsh ...

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