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  • Learn to love yourself - yes now, exactly how you are now!

  • Making a deliberate choice to practice self-nurturing every day will do more to help you on your slimming journey, acts of self-love include cutting yourself some slack ... who else do you know is perfect all the time, no one. So why should you set that standard for yourself.

    Harsh thoughts about yourself will not make your slimming journey easier, heavy thoughts weigh you down - sometimes nearly as much as a heavy meal.

    Jennifer White, over at the Huffington Post asks you to consider 5 ways to daily practice acts of self-love:

    1. You can't read minds - given this you do not know what everyone else is thinking so you can cut back on feeling judged all the time.  As another very impressive person once said "What you think of me is none of my business".

    2. Stop looking in the mirror - how you feeeeel on the inside will eventually be reflected on the outside.  Keep away from the mirror, looking for every little imperfection (Jennifer also says keep away from the selfies on your phone).  Basically, you are working on the Virtual-GastricBand Program, you are already in the process of a body transformation.  Unless you are are admiring your amazing wonderfulness - keep away from the mirror.

    3. Treat your physical body with love - Jennifer says "our physical bodies are our home".  Try it for just one day, every time your internal voice starts talking to you about your body, insist that you use the kind of voice you would use with a small child; be kind, be nurturing, be compassionate.

    4. Accept that not everyone will like you - being authentically you and practicing self-love means that you will have to say "no" to the demands that others would like to make on you.  When you learn to start saying no, some people will not like you, they will be used to having their needs and want's put above yours.  Grant yourself the freedom of just accepting that not everyone is going to like you, all of the time - and some people none of the time.  

    5. Consistently practice self-love - like yoga or going for a walk, self-love is not something you can do only one day a month and expect to see a real difference. Commit to being kind to yourself every day!

    You can read Jennifers full article here