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  • Is living alone limiting your nutrient intake?

  • A recent study from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) revealed those who live alone are more likely to have a lower diversity of food and nutrients and eat fewer fruits and vegetables. 

    While rushing out to get married may be a radical way to improve your eating habits, the study did conclude "People who live alone tend to have worse diets compared to those who share a space."  Of course this is not a requirement, it is just an identified risk.

    If you live alone you may have to be a bit more disciplined about getting enough diversity in the foods you eat and you have to rely on self-discipline, rather than your partner watching you, to control the late night fridge-raiding and Sunday morning snuffling through last night's pizza for breakfast.

    The article suggests a bit of menu pre-planning can go a long way to help.

    Here is the article link



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